What are your main planner struggles?

planner struggle 700Hellooo sweets!

Ya know…. a long time ago I did a live event all about planning, planners and time management.

And you know what?

It has been WAY too long since I did that one.
About time to connect LIVE again and talk PLANNERS, don’tcha think? 😀

Soooo….. LimeTreeFruits is oh, so proud to bring to you next:

An online chat where I give you all my tips and tricks for effectively using planners!

Would’ya come? :)))

To plan ahead {of course} and make sure I am covering what YOU want to know, please tell me:

What are your main struggles when using a planner?

Now, keep in mind that it is **NOT** about LimeTreeFruits printables. It is NOT about how to print {there is a handy tutorial right here} or printable requests.

It is all about your planner system in general and time management.

For instance you might write down everything you can remember in your to-do list but then you forget to look at it. Or you have a hard time combining your home renovation tasks with your daily activities.
Any bumps on the road that comes to mind regarding your planners, bring it ON! 😀

Click riiiiight here and tell me your main planner struggle.

And then my love, get ready ’cause……

All your Qs will be answered LIVE THIS SATURDAY JULY 25th AT 1PM EDT!

Planner Webinar


The event will be recorded BUT keep in mind sweets, I will just be sending it to the ones that registered to the event. PLUS a special surprise will be happening for those of you attending live! YAAAASSS!

Sign up for our live event by clicking here or the picture above
{psst – there is a time zone convertor on that link so you can check if the time works for you}

Soooo, save your spot and clear room in your calendar for our Saturday chat. :-)

Meanwhile, as we {not-so-patiently} wait for Saturday to come I want to hear from you.

Click here and tell me….. what is your current main struggle when using your planner {s}, would’ya? :)

Yay! 😀
I am waiting over there!

Talk to you again VERY soon.


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