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How to keep blog readers coming back?

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Limetreefruits.comHellloooo my love!

Remember a while back when I mentioned that changes were coming to the blog and I was going to post more about art + blogging + biz?

Yeah! It is about time to get that party started! :D

Back to the post title – how to keep blog readers coming back?

Tell me if I am getting this right:

You search and re-search engaging topics to talk about on your blog. You scratch you head and daydream a lot because sometimes it takes longer than you wanted for that topic to show up. When it is here you get to work. You slave over words, phrase construction, grammar, typos, you take pictures, download them to your computer, edit them and create nice graphics for that blog post. You review it a gazillion times and finally decide that you are ready to hit publish.

So you do it!

You wait…. And wait….

And wait a bit more.

Then….. oh.my.gawd. A COMMENT!

The PROOF that someone out there besides your grandma is reading your blog! Yesssss!!!!

You get fired up. You are ready to start the process again!
After all you know that if a  reader took the time to leave a comment that means she is really DIGGIN’ YA so why wouldn’t she come back again, right?


So you go through the cycle once more. — Coming up with a topic, slaving over words, obsessing over pictures and finally you have another amazing blog post that you are so proud of.

You poured your ‘lil lovely heart out and you decided to be vocal this time….

You SHARED on social media!

Yeah! And in every.social.media.platform.that.you.know.of!

Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, you name it!

FO’ SHURE that commenter and a ton of others will see your new master-piece.

You are excitedly waiting for it!

…..and yet…..they didn’t…..they didn’t come…..

You check your blog, your email notifications {just to make sure}, your stats, and nothing is different than before…..

What happened?

Well, let’s look at some of the options:

  • Too much cat videos on Facebook overpowered the blog post you just shared.
  • Twitter feed is going nuts. It is one of those days that you are trying to read that 140 status update and when you are almost about done it got bumped down to give room for the fast pouring rants of a girl you don’t even know why you are following in the first place.
  • That popular crafty blogger decided to show up on Pinterest after a month and now the feed is populated with her pins because she overdid it a bit. Yours… that pin of the pretty graphic you created for that lovely heart-pouring blog post? It got lost in the shuffle.
  • {add here any other social media distraction you can think of}

I know! It is wild and crrrrrazy!

All your hard work being unnoticed!
And worse…… if those readers only landed their eyes on your post you are pretty sure they will like it, right?

Yeah, I have no doubt love.

What is happening here is that….

We have no control over all these social media platforms.

Have you recently gone through the pages you follow on Facebook and noticed how many of those you actually see updates on your news feed? Yup, just a handful make the cut.
And even your friends’ updates sometimes reach you a day or two later. Not even your friends are making “the cut”!

The worse is that YOU as a Facebook user don’t even get to make a decision about “the cut”. It is up to Mark Z. and his team. They decide it for you.

And the same happens to YOUR readers.

Even thou they liked your FB biz page that doesn’t mean they SEE your updates.

So the blog post you shared? Might not have made “the cut”.

Now, before you decide to completely sabotage FB, close your account and shake your fist against the computer while doing so, keep in mind my love that I picked Facebook as an example. Every social media platform works that way. They decide how to present their content.
It might favor you one month and not so much the other.

My point in telling you this is to illustrate that sharing your post on social media means *almost* nothing when it comes to bringing back readers.

And expecting readers to go through all the trouble of bookmarking your page and remembering to go back to it and check if you updated the blog or not is just asking toooo much of them my love! People are busy, they will {understandably} forget.


Their emails!

Imagine you showing up on their inbox every time you have a new update and bringing them back to your blog and actually engaging?

You are not competing with the latest celebrity gossip on Facebook, or that dreamy mind blowing {and very photoshoped} beach gateway on Pinterest nor you are competing with the latest #firstworldproblems updates on Twitter.

No sweets, you are now in a whole different level.

Inboxes are full, yes, but only of what people allow in there.
All that mess of the wild-openness of social media doesn’t happen inside an inbox.

And that awesome new post you just published? You sent on an email, your reader saw your name and it was effortles for her to open it and read it.

Can you see how this is a win-win situation? 

You make it EASIER FOR YOUR READER to get updates from you without her having to scavenger hunt in the internet wildness AND YOU KNOW she will receive your updates and actually read your posts. 

AWESOME DEAL for both of you!

Sooooo… summing up.

To make readers come back to your blog you need to make it easier for them to find their way back AND you need to cut through
{I mean ignore!} the social media fight for attention.

My fave email service for this kind of stuff is MadMimi. It is FREE and completely underrated. No idea why. Super-intuitive to use, customer service is excellent and it supports your list growth {list = the subscribers count}. And believe me my love, I have tried most of the the popular email service providers out there {Aweber, Mailchimp and even OfficeAutoPilot!} and went right back to Mimi! She is a delight to work with. :D

Because handing over email information is WAY more private and harder for people to do than just click a “like” button, your content really really needs to be appealing and engaging to readers. But THAT is a whole other issue that I will leave for another time. ;)

Sooo… do you have questions about the topic? Did I not fire you up enough to take charge of your readership engagement? In the comments below let me know your questions and I will be happy to answer them!

Many Smooches,





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