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What are your planner struggles?

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planner struggle


Hello lovely! :)

I’ve been thinking…..

What if we do an online chat where I give you all my tips and tricks using planners?

Would’ya come? :)))

To plan ahead {of course} and make sure I am covering what YOU want to know, please tell me:

What are your main struggles when using a planner?

Now, keep in mind that it is NOT about LimeTreeFruits printables. It is NOT about how to print {here is a handy tutorial on that. ;) } and this is not about printable requests.

It is is about your planner system in general.

For instance you might write down everything you can remember in your to-do list but then you forget to look at it. Or might you have a hard time combining your home renovation tasks with your daily routine.
Any bumps on the road that comes to mind regarding your planners, bring it ON! :D

I am juuuust starting to organize this event, so I don’t have a date yet and will certainly post it here as soon as I nail down one.

Meanwhile, I really want to hear from you.

In the comments below let me know what is your current main struggle when using your planner {s}, would’ya? :)

Yay! :D
Bring it!

Talk to you again soon.







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