That Spooky Moment

That Spooky Moment you realize it’s October, Halloween month.

Meaning…. in a blink of an eye ThanksGiving will be here followed by Christmas which brings with him his bestie – New Year’s!


How did that happen?

What to do… {tap fingers}…. what do to in the face of the inevitable? {The inevitable being 2017 😀 }

Well…you do what you have to do….

You go with it and….

Grab your brushes! 

Why wouldn’t we join the fun and get ready for all the juiciness and festiveness ahead, ya?

It’s Party Time after all!

Sooooooo off I went with my brushes.

And this darling character showed up:




He’s just too much. We totally bounded right away. A ghost dazzled by the stars.Perfection! 

To pair up, in another section, the good ‘ol trusty witch set. I might identify with it a little too much, teehee 




In the end my love, they had to become a printable. Obv!

Now I present you……


The Halloween Party Invitation Cards!





THE JUICINESS! Look how delicious and colorful they turned out:





Now here organized so you can see them back and front:





And a close up of my two favorite guys:

  • The Star Gazing Ghost and
  • The Overly Smiley One Tooth Pumpkin




Seriously they are charming, aren’t they? 


Now one side note here.

Take a peek at the wavy bottom part of the green card I trimmed:
{*ahem* and do NOT take a peek at my chipped nail polisher}




Unless you print just the front side of it you can’t trim like that with the back side printed otherwise they won’t match. I got too excited trimming the edges and when I flipped I realized — nope, the curvy one was not meant for that. The orange {the witch set} yes! Trim the edges and it will work perfectly. The green set needs to be cut straight to get the full effect 🙂


Oh yeah! And talking about going with the flow and taking fun REALLY seriously, THIS ended up happening:

photobooth-500one..too.. many..selfies..

I wanted to present you the cards in a different way today – instead of just them lying flat in the table as I usually do, I wanted to be holding them and showing them up.

And well….. as you can see, I got that. I REALLY got that. I actually “nailed it” 

But with that “profesh” level of photography came an untold amount of time wasted {ahem, used!} playing around and having fun with the Photobooth app. 😀

That’s what happens when you rediscover those fun ‘lil things hidden in your computer.

I just couldn’t make up my mind on what to use so here you go, you are getting a mini-roll of my photo shoot session from earlier today 

I know this is SOOOO what you were expecting the see here today. hahahaha

Ok, enough! I am done with the silliness, promise!

Right below sweets, grab your cards, print them out and….. send one over here I am ready to PAR-TAY! 
{ok, I am done now with the lame jokes, REALLY!}


LimeTreeFruits.com // Download Printable


Have fun! 😉


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