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Blogging for Business – part 2

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limetreefruits.comWe are back! Our Business Blogging series can’t be stopped. ;)

On Part 1 I challenged you to look at your blog in a different way. A less demanding way. If you hand’t read that part yet, click right here to get caught up.


Read it and got the concept?

Great! ’cause today’s topic will challenge you even more. For realz.

We will are focusing on a very.extremely.suuuper.important question that will shape up everything – and I mean e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.- that you do on your blog.

Ready for it?

Here you go:

WHO do you want reading your blog?

Nope, not a joke. Super-serious here.

Who is that reader you want to have her eyes glued on the screen savoring each and every one of your words?

Here is an example.

Let’s say you blog about crafts and want to later on start selling your own handmade goods. Who do you want reading your blog? Someone that will feel compelled to buy your handmade goods later on, right?

So if your peers {that are also crafters and are also designers} are the ones checking on your blog regularly THAT my love, will not generate sexy sales later on.

It might be fun to have your peers writing in the comments beautiful compliments about the new intricate pattern you used for your last piece and/or how amazing that new technique you developed is but really…. when your shop opens they will be all there cheering you on, standing by your side {yay!}, waiting to pop the champagne on your first sale {after all that’s what friends are for, ya? :D } but they will not be the ones eager to buy.

They saw all your hard-work, yes! They are all so proud of what you accomplished. Your store is so neat!

So they wait with you for the first sale.

The champagne will pop any minute now the sale is coming…..


what about now?….

maybe now….

nothing…. no customer showed up…

And you know why?

They didn’t know…..
All along you have been writing posts after posts, {advanced} tutorials after tutorials for your peers! You alienated your customers.

You have been using your main FREE MARKETING TOOL to exchange expertise with your peers instead of connecting, getting to know and engaging with your potential customers.

Expecting sales from that is just silly, isn’t it? :D

It happens aaalll the time! Not writing posts for who your posts are meant to.

So here comes the pink box to sum it up and clarify a bit more:

Your peers are not your customer.
You do not blog for your peers. You blog for your customers.

Are we good on that?

Great, now bring on the details of your customer!

Who is she? What does she do for a living? What things does she like? Grab a sheet of paper and get clear on that. This is CRUCIAL! This will shape all your blog content and even your blog design. Trust me! {and we will talk about that soon.}

Now, on to work my love and get clear on the question:

WHO do you want reading your blog?

Tell me all about it in the comments below. I am here eyes glued on the screen and all. ;)

Many Smooches,