Surrendering {once again}



Happy daaayy my love!

How is this week treating ya?

Over here it has been a rough start. Monday broke in with its best Mondayish style {reads annoying as heck} and as it usually goes brought good insights for me.

One very good one that I often forget because I am just *ahem* a control freak.

I’ve mentioned before that the first thing to go down the tubes on those situations is my health. Pain starts creeping in until the point I am rolling in the floor with tears also rolling in the floor.

It didn’t get to this extreme this time but issues that I thought were long gone decided to show up again that day.

Sooooo….. what’s a girl to do?

Fight back or….


Well, I went with the last one and phew! it is such a hard one for me!
{Any other control freaks out there that can related to this? please tell me I am not the only one! :D *blink*blink}

I embraced it this time, I embraced and let it go.

And I turned to what I needed most:


Surrender //


Haha! No seriously, surrendering, letting go and all that good stuff becomes easy when we can focus on something that we really enjoy, right?

Color! Water! Paper! Silence! ♥

Oh, the dreamy joys of those things combined.

So this darling lady started emerging:

Surrender //


{I had no doubt since the beginning that her hair would be pink by the way. :D }


Surrender //


And sparkles that are oh-so needed for a pick me up had to be included! Dangling earrings and gold eye shadow totally belong to her, don’tcha think? :D


Surrender //


And there she is in all her beauty!


Surrender //

What a relief!

What a relief I felt getting immersed into fun-anything-is-possible times while Monday kept acting up and running in circles.

A much better day with way less pain awaited me right after that. Yessss!

But the whole experience once more made me think about how much do we need to be pushed to remember that no, we can not control everything and yes, it is fine to let things roll on their own course.

What signs come up to you when it is time to trust, let go and surrender, my love? How long do the signs stick around before you notice they are there?

I am all ears {eyes} ready to hear {read} about your signs, sweets. ♥  Maybe we get similar ones? Or yours are completely different than mine?

In the comments below… let’s chat! :D






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