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Goal Setting Done Right

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Goal Setting Done Right // Limetreefruits.com

Hello my love!

Ya know how I am all about setting goals and reaching milestones, right?

Oh, you didn’t know that about me? :D

Well, I am telling ya, I am! :))

But that isn’t something that came natural to me. I’d have all those wonderful things I wanted to accomplish “one day” in my life and I would day-dream ahead in the future how things would look like once I accomplished them all.
It is a great tool to day-dream {seriously it is! Our imagination has no limits and shows us what is possible} but day-dreaming alone without action takes us nowhere.

And that is where I used to get stuck.

I used to have all those wonderful things happening in my head and then they’d be just there – in my head.

At some point I’d “dare” to pull them out, let them be free in a piece of paper so I could see them instead of just think about them.

But I wouldn’t break them down into chunks, actionable steps and all that good stuff we know needs to happen in order to take action.

I didn’t do it because I didn’t know the power of it.

I had no idea that the thinking process behind coming up with a written solution would actually get me deeper into those goals and step into them – step into the possibility of them.

And ya know what prompted me to start working in that systematic way?

Color and cute girly illustrations.

I know, crazy right? :D

I don’t function well with plain black and white papers {you might have noticed that. ;) }

Years before I even started painting again I found that tool to inspire me to {indadvertedly} take action towards my dreams and goals and….. make them happen!

I am talking about those babies below:

Leonie Dawson // limetreefruits.com
Yup! Leonie’s workbooks! It is an understatement when I say it truly helped me achieve my goals & dreams.

Planning peeps, planning! We are all so obsessed about. But WHAT are we really planning for?

The next Holiday party? Yeah, sounds good, but considering a bigger picture perspective….. What are we chasing after? What are the big dreamy goals we have that we have been postponing?

Ya, those ones.

Those ones that we look back at the years gone by and scratch our heads thinking “what happened here? Where did the years go? How did I not accomplish ______ and ____ and ____ that I always wanted so much?”

I urge you my love, to take action this year. I urge you to dream BIG, put it on paper and move forward!

If you are anything like me and need, just totally need something more exciting then a black and white paper, AND know the value of specific guided questions that make you think about your life’s direction and how it reflects on your actions those workbooks are a MUST my dear!

2015 is right around the corner, the Holidays are practically here already {the songs are playing at least. :D } and the time is now to start planning and mapping out your big actions for next year.


No excuses to postpone this, my love!

They are less than $10 each!!!

And full of fun and color to wrap up your 2014 and guide you through the new year.

Now how much fun and color am I talking about?

Tons! :D

Take a look:

Leonie Dawson // limetreefruits.com

 AND this year there is a printed version of those books as well - for the printer fighters that are exhausted of that 'lil printing "game". ;)

Soooo don’t wait a minute longer my love! Click riiiiight here or the picture above and go grab your copy!

I am off to start woking on mine. ;)))

Many Smooches,





ppssst – Seriously love, there are no excuses left! Less than $10 to have a blueprint of your new year filled with dreams crossed off your list? Get in there! Your shiny new year awaits. ♥