It is Heeeree!!! 2015 Planner Pre-Order starts NOW! :D

Pre-Order Now // limetreefruits.comHappy weekend lovely!

Are you ready for some MORE planner fun?


LimeTreeFruits 2015 Planners are rolling up and I couldn’t resist and had to give an extra treat to anyone eager to save their spot.

We are talking 150+ of colorful, fun, hand illustrated and PRACTICAL printable pages!

*confetti! confetti!*

‘member that juiciness you got a couple days ago?

FREE 2015 Monthly Planner // www.limetreefruits.com/free-planner

{No? Sweetie, watcha waiting for? Get your free planner now! }


Last year, out of my own experience and needs combined with YOUR awesome feedback throughout the year, I decided to create a WHOLE PACK of LimeTreeFruits Planners!
I went pretty nuts actually.

It turned out to be 150+ pages!

Can you imagine? :D

And OF COURSE we are doing it again in 2015!

Now, “HOW on earth 150+ pages? What’s in it?” I hear you ask. Lemme spell it all out for ya:

  • another 4 layouts of monthly pages {besides the **free** one you already got}
  • 5 different layouts of weekly pages
  • 4 different layouts of day on two pages
  • a weekly and monthly recurrences
  • year overview

Aaaaand did I mention that you get each single one of those layouts with the option of a Sunday week start AND a Monday week start?

Yeah baby, yeah! :D

You asked and I HEARD you! Work set up is different than personal life planning. New jobs happen, different schools, babies, weddings! You need your calendars to be flexible and adaptable to your life’s milestone and breakthroughs. I get it!

That’s why sweets, I created so many layouts and ALL of THEM available with different week starts. :)

But you know, I couldn’t stop there. I decided to throw into the planning feast some more exclusive goodies:

  • Detailed broken-down-into-easy-steps project management sheets {a.k.a. Dream-Chasing Game Plan 2.0}
  • Weekly and monthly calendars {ya know, sometimes a binder can’t hold it all!}
  • Bookmarks with to-do lists and daily recurrences
  • Income and Budget Tracker
  • Journalling Pages
  • Passwords keeper
  • Pet Health Care Tracking
  • Your Health Care Tracing
  • Teacher’s Planner
  • Recipe Sheets
  • Tab Dividers
  • and MORE!

Now we are getting up to an amazeballs packet of aroundish 50+ printables = 150+ pages of eye-candy color-filled yummy artwork designed and illustrated by yours truly.

Crazy good right? A quick sneak peek of the 2014 planners for ya:




And why on earth am I showing you a sneak-peak of the 2014 if the pre-order is for 2015?

HA! Keep reading. It will all make sense. ;)

Ya see love, even this late in the year I still keep getting emails inquiries about how to join the planners group NOW.
I closed the cart a while back and it is not available for purchase anymore.


Early-birdies eager to join the LimeTreeFruits family OF COURSE get some extra love! :D

And here goes:

Bonus Treat #1

You pre-order the 2015 LimeTreeFruits Planner Bonanza and get instant access to all 2014 planner goodness. You can start right now experimenting with layouts, printing, tweaking and having fun!

Bonus Treat #2

Ya know all the extra exclusive goodies I mentioned before? Yeah, those ones.

You get access to them instantly! NO need to wait till 2015!

{That’s the advantage of digital files, isn’t it? They can land in your inbox instantly like that! :D }

Didja know that the current members are the ones sending in requests for new prinables and every.single.month I pick the most popular requests, develop and release them specially and exclusively for LTF planners members? Yup, yup! Every month since January we have been doing this and now YOU get to be part of the fun as well until the end of the year! This sweet treat-request is ending in December but YOU as an early-bird get to participate in the fun NOW!

Do you think I am done?


Here comes…..

Bonus Treat #3


Who doesn’t like discounts? :D

20% off regular price for pre-order purchases!

LimeTreeFruits.com //

I have one more announcement. It is not a Bonus Treat per say but it feels like it. :)

On puppies…..

One thing I must assure you is that when a self-proclaimed cat lady starts openly obsessing about beagles {what? DOGS! Moi? :D } you reeeeaaally need to pay attention.

There has been this urge inside of me since I stumbled upon The Beagle Freedom Facebook page.

I obsessed {and dropped tears} over their videos, their stories, their mission.

Which is rescuing and finding homes for beagles used in laboratory research.


Why beagles are the target of lab research you ask. {I asked myself the same question.}

Here is the answer from their site:

“Beagles are the most popular breed for lab use because of their friendly, docile, trusting, forgiving, people-pleasing personalities. The research industry says they adapt well to living in a cage, and are inexpensive to feed.”

How flipping insane is that? Because you are sweet-as-pie you get to spend a horrific torturous life? Sure thing THAT makes sense. Not.

Soooo…. I started donating to them and decided to get sneaky on you. :D

Without you knowing {although I am telling you now} YOUR planner money is going to help them as well. 5% of every sale is going to The Sweet-As-Pie-Beagle Rescue. {Ya, I just renamed the whole project. :D }

How easy and awesome IS THAT? You get all the bonuses and goodies of the LimeTreeFruits Planner Pre-Order AND help BEAGLES get close to freedom and hopefully add some true tail waggling into their lives.

{ahem} Now let’s recap what’s happening over here {this post got crazy long!}:


Are you in?

Yay! Don’t wait any longer sweets. Get in there:

LimeTreeFruits.com //

The planners are digital files so as soon as you go through the check-out process you  are IN and you will receive a notification with your log in information to start downloading the files.


Yay! Sweetie, this is awesome! It has been amazing learning and trusting this journey with your support aaaaallll along the way.

I couldn’t be more grateful. ♥

Many Smooches,




PS – The pre-order sale goes just until 11:59pm this Monday Sept 22nd. Soooo get in there sweets before it is totally gone!


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