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Black Friday + Cyber Monday all in one! :)

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special priceHapppy Black Friday my love! :)

Didja coze up with your family all day long yesterday? I hear ya! I slowed down a lot over here, curled up with the cats, got some good food in my belly and really felt the love that came through after intensive session of gratitude journalling.

Being thankful is definitely something to be aware of throughout the year but oh, how good it feels to have that “permission slip” to let go of everything else and just focus on that, isn’t it?

I loved it! :)

Slowing down and taking the time to count the blessings in my life always brings me back to the importance of paying attention to our desires, doing things for ourselves, so we can fill up our wheel and give back.

And that is exactly what is cooking today at the LimeTreeFruits Weekend Long Thanksgiving Sale.

Very simple….

Treat yourself to a Planner Packet and…. you pick a friend/cousin/sister/mom/bestie to get the exact same Planner Packet as a gift FOR FREE! ♥

How is that for some love coming in and going out at the same time? :))

Handy as ever to save money and get Christmas gifts to your girls! And no need to doorbust anything to shop. No hurries at all either. The offer is good for the whole weekend, all the way till Monday night. ;)

Now, there is one more thing NEW cooking up today.

Have you ever felt that need to talk to someone and brainstorm ways to make your planners really reallly work for your lifestyle and routine but found no one to talk to? {Hubby just doesn’t get it, doesn’t he?} Did you ever feel totally overwhelmed seeing so many layout options and planning systems ideas out there but still felt clueless on which one would work for you?

I totally hear you my love, I SO have been there!

 All I wanted was someone outside of my head to see the big picture plan that I couldn't see and to tell me what to do and how to get things done.

Can you relate?

If so my love, head over to the Planners page and you will see a special offer added. :))

A WHOLE HOUR call just YOU + ME to bust through all your planner struggles and make 2015 a proud goal-and-dreams-accomplished kind of year.

You up for it?

Seriously love, don’t just go, RUN over there and book your session!
2015 is right around the corner and it is up to us to make it our best year yet!

Let’s do this! :D