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Hellluuuuu pretty!

Such a LONG time I’ve been meaning to write this post for you and now I realized I was waiting for it to be perfect before publishing it….. waiting for it to be “ready”, ya know?

Doesn’t work that way. And I know that so well.

And what makes this post so special, you ask?

Wellll….. a 2015 year in review has been long over due. Just like a 2014 year in review is over due.

I must say thou this is not it. yet. A full review might never come but this post here is as close as it gets for now. Seriously! Super-hard to write it {but needed} due to all the painful awareness I needed to do it.

So let’s do this!

For the past 4 years I've been using a very special 'lil tool for my year planning. {I won't lie thou. For the last two I did a very bad job using that tool.}

If you’ve been following the blog for all this time ya know what that is, don’tcha? 😀


YESSS, that’s right!

Leonie Dawson’s Shinning Year Workbook!

And THAT’S what started the whole shaking up of things over here.

I’m not even done yet. It’s taking me weeks.


Funny thing is that as I’ve been out of whack for such a long time, thinking of the goodness to come and planning for it, becoming it is weird to say the least. Scary even.

Filling outing out this workbook, planning a GOOD year means I actually have to roll up my sleeves and BE and DO stuff.

Wowzers! No pressure, huh? 

The thing is, I’m a very positive person which is good most of the times but with all that positivity I amuse myself at my inability to see when I’m right in the eye of a tornado. AND while I’m right there in the middle of it I’m still all giggles and smiles. #noclue

Keeping positive is an excellent way of living but using it to mask what truly has been happening deep within is counterproductive. 

All the good vibes just balance off the low ones and leave us in a gray-zone way of living. Nothing amazingly extraordinar, just decent to get going.

And that’s no way of living!

You and I and all of us deserve the ‘WOAH-AMAZING’ kind of life.

The very first step towards that for me was to acknowledge the tornado.

So hard to do it.

When I finally had the courage I said it out loud: “The last two years were CRAP!”

And right after that I freaked out: “Can I take it back? Is the Universe listening? I didn’t mean to be ungrateful! There were plenty of good things! Thank you. and sorry! Seriously! I didn’t mean it that way!”

Talk about having a hard time acknowledging it. 😀

Anyway, at some point I allow myself to say it out loud without guilt that the last two years weren’t so hot and I started working on the workbook.

{if you aren’t familiar with Leonie’s books, there are tons of Qs about your past year that will help you shape up the current year. Things to change, how to change them, things to keep the same, etc}

And filling out the workbook prompt me to write a letter to 2015! 

Yes, a letter.

In it I spilled out all the beans. All the disappointments that I didn’t even know that were bottled up about our relationship that didn’t work.  oh, my dear 2015 I had .  so  .  many  .  fun  .  plans  .  for  .  our  .  life  .  together!

And you messed up!

Well fine, I admit. I had my share in it too. 

Seriously thou there were lots of tears and anger hidden and it was such a relief to let them all out.

Then I felt ready to get on with 2016. It’ll get a letter to this year as well. At some point.

And speaking of which, just so you know:




That month didn’t count. The fun starts now.

And I really tried!

I t…r…i…e…d… to start the year just like everybody else.
It didn’t work. January was a “just-leave-me-here-on-denial” kind of month.

So I’m officially starting 2016 in February.

A few short days away.

Having said that I’m now in full on mode planning the year ahead {yes, year ahead. Again…. starting in February }

And my darling tool supporting me along the way.

If you are new to the blog or want to droll over that juicy workbook through the years once more, here are the posts I wrote about it in chronological order.


Now, lemme warn you…. if you think this post is long already go fill up your tea cup and get comfy ’cause it is getting long-ER by the minute!! with pictures all over! 😀

So my dear, without further ado I present you the 5th year of my love-affair with Leonie’s Workbooks


Did you notice the best part already?

This year it comes PRINTED and SPIRAL BOUNDED!

Look at this juiciness:



But I’m getting way ahead of my self.

Let’s start from the beginning with baby-steps.

and with pictures, of course!

’cause I know if you landed on this blog you are a PLANNER PORN ADDICT, aren’t you? 😉

Soooo the dreamy moment I was waiting for:



The box finally arrived and I set up “shop”. Meaning, cleared the desk for the planner + coffee. What else needed? 😀

And on with the unboxing process. Look how cute Leonie’s face in the bottom corner. teehee



The packet was out but still wrapped and yet it already got me giggly. Seriously, look at THAT delicious cover:



Which reveled a wall calendar AND the workbook once unwrapped:



Now my dear, a gazillion apologies but I forgot to take a picture of the wall calendar opened. So you’ll need to get yours to see it. Haha 😀 {I’m such a pest, I know!}

Inside the workbook however here comes the planner-porn feast:



All pages deliciously illustrated just like that picture above.

The excitement of opening the box was all I could handle for that week. Seriously, took me another whole one to start working on it.

I knew there’d be tons of the dreadful {for me} “2015-balance-review” questions in it so I had to pace myself.

And in the following week, to the floor I went to get some much needed yoga in AND set up shop again.

This time with LimeTreeFruits Planners to help out with the task planning 😉



Getting on it – first things first: WHO does it belong to? In case someone else decides to claim it as theirs. 😀



Rest assured that we all love the world and recycled paper it is!




Looks that that! You get to actually find topics by page just like a regular book. LOVE IT!



An intro on the importance of doing this work and jewels all over.



Right after that intro comes the closing of the past year which prompted me to write the 2015 Letter.

Phew! We talked about it already so we’re passing that one.

Now I won’t picture it page by page, ’cause really! – so let’s do some of the covers of the sections, shall we?

{They aren’t in order by the way.}


Oh, tons to say on that one …. back problems so but so so so SO much better than it used to be which made me fill out the whole section full of hopes that maybe I can be totally pain-free one day. Can you imagine that?! Freedom! :)





EASY AS CAN BE to fill out this section below! So.much.fun.ahead.




Offline community is something I was really craving throughout the whole 2015. Some of them accomplished and tons of it rolling over to 2016 – with a different approach this time. 😉


If you work from home all day long like I do, you know how that craving for offline connection goes. Which is so sadly and amazingly expressed on this tweet that popped up on my feed the other day:



Seriously all of you online entrepreneur peeps out there – can we just have a huge virtual hug and laugh our eyes out in tears? 😀 This is too good and so right on!

Anyway… moving on with our regular programming….

next session,


CLARITY about my home environment is what came from living in NYC. The things I refuse to downgrade and things I want to upgrade are sooooo very obvious to me right now and I’m loving it!




Argh….this one….. couldn’t get myself to fill it out yet.
I bumped on it and skipped.  Sooooo…. I’ll be back to that one later.



Same thing as above. Baby-steps I’ll get there. 





Oh, yeah! This deliciousness! Seriously, I’m so proud to say my money issues are so much less theses days and I was eagerly filling out this section.



So much to do on that one. Huge improvements over the years but 2015 {specially 2014} I forgot about it. Back on full force this year. 



The 100 list

One of my fave parts of this workbook is the “100 things to do” in 2016.
Note #13.
It ties in with the ‘relationship’ section I skipped above, huh? Still, I’ll intentionally focus on it this year.  {yes, yes, I know, I need to get clear on what – better saying ‘who’ – I want to attract to my life first. I’ll fill out the section about it at some point, hehe. When I feel braver. 😉 }



The word!

This here is a powerful one and yet I hadn’t come up with a word yet. So many things I want to focus on this year. How do I sum it up in ONE word?



All sucky!

How handy is THIS section?

Of course it’s not always rainbows and unicorns so we need to have our back up re-energizing plan in place. 


And look! A pocket at the very end!



Now sweets, this post was long I know, but that’s to really get you in the spirit of intentionally setting your year plan. Specially when things aren’t so juicy. It’s so hard to look at past hurts {I SO know} but truly needed to heal and move forward.

The workbook pictured is the ‘Life’ one. There’s also a ‘Business’ one for the entrepreneurs out there AND both come in printed and digital version. You pick and choose!

The business one I’m doing digital. Just for a change. 😉

You can get all the information on those workbooks by clicking right here.

And before I let you go, one note.

If you are a planner-lover, this is for you…

TOMORROW {1/29} a very very very special treat is coming to everyone in the VIP list. *ahem* meaning peeps subscribed to LimeTreeFruits newsletter. Keep your eyes in your inbox tomorrow.

And if you are NOT on the list yet click right here to join now. I'll be sending you a free printable planner by the way. ;)

Meanwhile, as we wait for tomorrow tell me…

What is ONE aspect of your life that you really want to improve this year?

I’m all “ears” listening to you. :)


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