Update & New Directions

Happy new week my love! :)

I have been very quiet the last few weeks, I know! There has been a lot happening lately and I needed a break to sink everything in, ponder and feel it all. Soooo…. finally I am here to make it official and tell you that…..

LimeTreeFruits is taking a new direction!

I am so excited to share about those new directions and in special share about the process that lead me to them. So.very.important!

But lemme start from the {sort of} beginning.

Last year was a real life-changing one for me. New paths and possibilities were unfolding right in front of me which left me with eyes wide open.

One of them {a yearly get-together called The World Domination Summit} was beyond this world inspiring and reassuring.

Needless to say that this year I packed my bag again and off I went to that same event.

There were amazing things happening from the simplest ones as eating the best donut ever to seeing {in person!} amazing insightful people till the extreme of feeling off, suffocated and resistant.

Yes, suffocated and resistant.

Resistant to change.

Resistant to all that was being said by the speakers and all what the event stands for.

You see…. last year during the event the feeling of limitlessness, expansiveness, meaningfulness knowing that everything is possible took over me. It was wonderful. Everything was real! A bright life where you truly-ruly craft it to be the best possible ever for YOU. You get to be adventurous, try new things and make a difference – like really help people along the way, ya know?

I was feeling just like that last year! I was absorbing it all and seeing it possible, seeing it happening!


And this year I was ready to take on the world the again. Ready for that feeling.
There I was, watching speaker after speaker going up to the stage telling their story.
And ya know what?

Each and everyone one of them “made” me feel worse than the previous one. With each new speech I shrank smaller, bit my lips harder and crossed my arms tighter. At the end of each day I’d find myself completely sunk into my chair, feeling small and uncomfortable.

How odd.
I didn’t see that coming.

And I couldn’t put a finger on it.

I was not liking it. {of course!}

The last day – thankfully! – brought in a crucial insight to the situation.
My resistance let some light pass through here and there. Just a tad. But I was close to make sense of those feelings.

Chatting up always helps me process and specially chatting up with peeps that understand what you are going through is a spot on recipe for clarity.

And that’s how the last evening in Portland unfolded.

Stunning views, a lot of talk, delicious food more talk and finally some clarity.



Now are ya ready for my big overwhelming truth about LimeTreeFruits insight/clarity/change of direction? :D

Here ya go…..

This darling business of mine – and consequently my life – are to encompass all the freedom and expansion feelings that come from really doing what you love and being of service {Nothing new here}.

It was painful to realized that over the past year……

My business had become a job and my life was constrained to the weekends. *gasp!*

No wonder I was feeling so resistant throughout most of WDS.

All those powerful and freedom-seeker peeps at the stage where slapping me on the face with the harsh reality of not living up to what I had promised myself to do since attending that conference last year.

That weekend in Portland showed me that I am not walking my talk.

Everything that I stand for has not been present in my life. Because I didn’t make it present.

  • Last year’s feeling of ‘everything is possible’ lost its power to the limitations of “reality”. 
  • Last year’s feeling of ‘we are all one big family and we are here to help each other out’ completely dissipated in the mist of daily routine. 
  • Last year’s feeling of ‘do what YOU love’  had just way more room for improvement than I expected.

And to get back on track here are the highlights my weeks of incubation brought in:

  • Dream BIGGER! – I started questioning myself, ‘what kind of dreams did I use to have that I unwillingly and without noticing put aside thinking that they were just to ginourmous to be made real?’
  • Small action matters! – Looking around my day-to-day what could I do that would actually impact someone’s life and help out even if a tiny bit? I found tons of things I could do – from being more present when talking to people till choosing organizations to set up recurrent donations. {My first pick is The Beagle Freedom Project. As a passionate cat-lady that I am I won’t lie that I was very impressed by the urgency I felt to help those dog-folks. I won’t dare resist this urge. ;) }
  • Allowing my curiosity to play its part! – I used to explore and experiment so much a couple years ago. Things were exciting and thrilling exactly because of that – because I allowed myself to search and try out things all the time. Even if I had a slight interest in something I’d go and pursue it just to see how it felt. I found amazing new worlds awaiting me {like Painting!} and then without realizing {again} I stopped it as if I had it all figured out. And I so hadn’t! So I am back at it – trying things out just because.


And how do those changes impact YOU my darling reader?

Here is what I’ll be writing about on the blog moving forward:

  • Filofax, planners and printables will still be around but they will not be the only focus of the blog. {By the way this darling Recipe Divider Set was juuuust sent to our current Planner Members AND it will be a part of the 2015 Planner Packet as well. Stay tuned! ;) }



  • Art talk and art making will happen more often and as I prepare for my online shop {YES! You read it right! LimeTreeFruits PRINTS will be available for sale soon!} you will get a VIP sit in the creation process. Speaking of which….. A sneak peak for ya, starting now! :D


LimeTreefruits.com / art


  • More Art for profit!  Oooohhh…..talk about big scary dreams… at WDS one of the speakers suggested we say out loud a goal we want to accomplish. She even gave us a sticker to carry around for the weekend with our goal in it. Of course I took part on the challenge! :D There I was with it written in my arm:  I will be a licensed artist. Expect some sprinkles of that journey as well here on this blog. ;)


Limetreefruits.com / WDS2014


  • Blogging & Business! I love love love reading, learning and talking about it and THAT will transpire over here from now on – A LOT! I will not hold back anymore! :D Funny thing is that our desires are always there leaving us clues on where to go next. If you have been with me for a few months you might recall the survey I ran to know about YOUR blogging aspirations? Yeah, for some reason I thought I “couldn’t” do a follow up on that post because my blog is not biz related so I put on hold all the juicy plans I had about that. Silly me. I am changing that now. ;)  I had close to 200 responses to that survey and if you hadn’t competed it yet and have questions about blogging and starting your biz online get in there love! Ask away! :)



And there ya have it, sweets.

That trip to Portland was a big slap in the face and I am slowly getting out of my self-imposed cocoon ready to make things happen. I am SUPER excited with all the changes coming around and all the stuff I have cooking up for ya. :D

Before I let you go, I’ll leave you with a question.

If you have ever felt odd/off/weird/uncomfortable in a situation where you were very much sure you'd love, what do you think it represented for YOU? Was it just a matter of outgrowing that situation or do you think there were some more complex layers underneath it?

I’d love to hear your story in the comments below. :)

Many Smooches to you!







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