Planner Date + Biz & Blogging Mastermind Group!

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Happy day darling! Soooooo TWO pieces of awesome news for you: 1. WE HAVE A DATE FOR OUR PLANNER CLARITY SESSION! I’ve been collecting TONS of responses from your answers about planner struggles sooooo let’s tackle them, ya? We even have a date! Saturday – November 8th at 1pm CST hhmmm, right….. in your part of the world that CST thingy is confusing, I know! Here is a handy time-converter for you —> Check your time zone here. Can you make it? YES?! Great! RSVP with your information by clicking here or the image below: If you can’t make it, … Continue reading

What are your planner struggles?

planner struggle

  Hello lovely! I’ve been thinking….. What if we do an online chat where I give you all my tips and tricks using planners? Would’ya come? :))) To plan ahead {of course} and make sure I am covering what YOU want to know, please tell me: What are your main struggles when using a planner? Now, keep in mind that it is NOT about LimeTreeFruits printables. It is NOT about how to print {here is a handy tutorial on that.  } and this is not about printable requests. It is is about your planner system in general. For instance you might write … Continue reading

And the winner is……

trophy winners

  OK, puddins! Time for the big reveal! You guys TOTALLY made my day this morning when I popped into raffelecopter account and saw so.many.entries! Like THIS MUCH! oh, in numbers? 1728 entries precisely! Wowzers! To celebrate what could be better than…… giving away not just two free passes to LimeTreeFruits 2015 Planner Packet but THREE! HA! Ready for it? Here we have….. NAMES:   Is that YOU? Yay! Keep an eye in your inbox my dear. I will be contacting you soon about how to get your 2015 Planner Packet. If not my love, know that the Packet is available, … Continue reading

LimeTreeFruits Planners & Calendars 2015


  And look at who is heeereeee! Full force and here to STAY!        Oh, yeah, there is more! Bonus #1 NO need to wait until 2015 to start using LimeTreeFruits Planners. Get instant access to 2015 planners AND to all 2014 planner goodness. You can start right now experimenting with layouts, printing, tweaking and having fun! Bonus #2 Didja know that the current members are the ones sending in requests for new printables and every.single.month I pick the most popular requests, develop and release them specially and exclusively for LTF planners members? Yup, yup! Every month since January … Continue reading

2015 Planners & Calendars GIVEAWAY!

Giveaway for instagram

Hellllooooo my darling! Today I have TWO awesome news/announcements for ya. Let’s get right to it – first things first……   Aaaaaannnnd to make it even more fun…. A GIVEAWAY! And did I mention I am giving away not one but TWO Planner Packets? YEAAAAHH!!!!! TWO LOVELY peeps will get to enjoy a whole year of colorful and uplifting LimeTreeFruits printables. Yay! Get in there my love, don’t waste one more minute: a Rafflecopter giveaway   Awesome luck to you all and I talk to you again soon! Smooches,         … Continue reading