Cake hangover and 50% OFF coupon!

Hello my love!

Happy new week. :)

Did ya have an awesome weekend?

I HAD! It was busy & fun! As b-days are supposed to be. ;)

There was even a fire cake included!


I almost passed out when the guy showed up with that on our table. HA! :D Totally a new experience for me.

The weekend wetn pretty much like that full of yumminess, fun people to chat, and of course, plenty of nature time:

photo 2 (1)


{I needed this so bad! What took me so long?}

And look at that gorgeousness of a dragonfly that stopped by to say ‘hi’. He literally moved towards me when I pointed the camera and was doing all sorts of poses. Toooo cute!




Never forget the books + art and a chill out afternoon, right? Teehee :D

Lilla Rogers and Kelly Rae Roberts were with me all throughout.

Now sweets, you probably were having a blast over the weekend as well and didn’t know I included you in my B-day celebration?


Yup, yup, party mode needs to be spread like that. :D

Note my love that the coupon has been rocking all over this past weekend and will expire on June 17th at midnight EST {translation TONIGHT when New Yorkers turn into pumpkins}. So get in there now before it is too late!


Oh, and if you knew about that coupon and over the weekend tried to use it with PayPal but it didn’t go through IT IS ALL WORKING NOW! ;)

Try it, it will all work out beautifully! :D sale



Get in there my love and I see ya soon on the other side. ;)

Many Smooches,








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