Getting ready for new planner printables

Getting ready for new planner printables

  Happy weeeekend puddin’! Are you full of plans to chillax and decompress from the busy week? Over here I am full force counting down the days to the launch of LimeTreeFruits FREE 2015 Planner! Yup, you read it right. F-R-E-E 2015 planner coming up this TUESDAY! Could it be any closer? Sooo, as we just entered the weekend and playing with planners is a FUN way to spend some ‘me-time’, I thought this’d be a good opportunity to bring back to the spotlight some printing tutorials and help you get ready for the planner printing fun happening this week. Note that this … Continue reading

FREE PLANNER + Asking for help

Gabby Bernstein

Hello puddin’! I have NEWS for ya today. News you will LOVE! Ready for it? **Drum roll** 2015 LimeTreeFruits Planner is COMING on September 16th! and FREEEEE!     Exciting or what? Pencil that in your calendar, get your stickers, whole punch out, and fire up your printer! If you are on the list there is no need to do anything else. You sit pretty over there and I will send it over to you from here. Straight into your inbox. If you hadn’t signed up yet to get your free planner as soon as it is available, click riiiiiight … Continue reading

Update & New Directions / art

Happy new week my love! I have been very quiet the last few weeks, I know! There has been a lot happening lately and I needed a break to sink everything in, ponder and feel it all. Soooo…. finally I am here to make it official and tell you that….. LimeTreeFruits is taking a new direction! I am so excited to share about those new directions and in special share about the process that lead me to them. So.very.important! But lemme start from the {sort of} beginning. Last year was a real life-changing one for me. New paths and possibilities were unfolding … Continue reading

Cake hangover and 50% OFF coupon!

Hello my love! Happy new week. Did ya have an awesome weekend? I HAD! It was busy & fun! As b-days are supposed to be. There was even a fire cake included!   I almost passed out when the guy showed up with that on our table. HA! Totally a new experience for me. The weekend wetn pretty much like that full of yumminess, fun people to chat, and of course, plenty of nature time:   {I needed this so bad! What took me so long?} And look at that gorgeousness of a dragonfly that stopped by to say ‘hi’. He … Continue reading

Happy Birthday to ME! For You? LimeTreeFruits Planners 50% OFF ! :D

Sale Planners June

  Happy Birthday to meeeeeee!!!!! *ahem* Here I am interrupting your weekend activities just like that because my excitement is too much! I can’t help my self! Tooooo bubbly and had to share my party-mode with you! Whatcha think of getting the WHOLE SHEBANG of LimeTreeFruits Planners including aaallll printables created from January till today PLUS all the upcoming ones? {150+ printable pages total!} AND getting all the printables in 3 sizes to use across all your binders? {change binders as much as you want, sweets. } AND getting……. phew, ya know what? All the goodies that comes with your membership can be found … Continue reading